Explosion proof security systems

Explosion-proof security systems Protecting sensitive facilities in flammable and volatile areas such as refineries, fuel or gas storage sites, requires dedicated systems with a high level of tolerance and safety that can continuously monitor under such challenging conditions. The system itself, and all its components, are blast-proof and can withstand close-by explosions, allowing it to […]

Access control systems

Access control systems customized protection system which protects all crossings around the perimeter of the site, for vehicles, pedestrians and special crossings. The command-and-control system receives indications of any opening, closing or malfunction of the gates and prevents attempts at penetration or unauthorized access to the site.

Smart City

Smart City – Analytical Cameras and Integrated AI Solutions A wide range of cameras spread along roads, public spaces, commercial and industrial areas, providing information and insights regarding the crowds’ amount and behavior, facial recognition, traffic monitoring, environmental changes and more. The smart cameras are connected to a single command and control system that enables […]

Surveillance and security drones

Surveillance and security drones and electronic interception of an invading drone The use of surveillance drones significantly shortens the response time to the alert, provides dynamic and comprehensive transmission of the incident and enables its immediate remote management until the ground forces arrive. In addition, the defense system provides a technological solution for detecting, identifying […]

Remote sites protection

Remote sites protection Remote and unmanned sites require dedicated remote-controlled protection tailored to the challenges and threats dictated by the specific area. The dedicated protection systems provide comprehensive monitoring of the site, continuous transmission without interference depending on bandwidth or electricity, and the ability to operate a remote response such as: activating smokescreen, lighting, public […]

Underground water passages Protection

Underground water passages Protection the waterways and drainage along the walls and borders of sensitive sites such as nuclear energy facilities are protected by a smart bar system which is controlled remotely. Each electronic bar sends a warning of any attempt to open, penetrate, cutting or bending, each grid is autonomous and allows quick replacement […]

Rapid security systems deployment

Rapid security systems deployment Fast customized temporary sites perimeter protection such as special forces deployment, personal security or temporary storage sites. The system is integrated with cameras and sensors on a smart fence, which transmits continuous information to the command-and-control center, from which the occasion is managed. The infrastructure and technology we provide are easily […]

Integrated perimeter protection systems

Integrated perimeter protection systems The technological protection system combines cameras, sensors and smart fences, continuously monitors the boundaries of the protected area and transmits the information to a single command and control program from which the event is managed. The system warns and responds in real time to any intrusion attempt or unauthorized access and […]