D-Guard - short-range shock Linear detector

This short-range linear shock detector connected to a fence or a wall at the perimeter of the site, generates mechanical vibrations which are converted into an electrical signal, sent to the command-and-control software, which classifies them as hostile or false alarms. • Extraordinary signal-to-noise performance – the smallest mechanical noise detected by the sensor will produce a signal level 1000 times greater than the noise generated by the sensor itself. • No moving parts • Connecting to an IP network • Not affected by water and moisture penetration • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistant • Maximum lightning resistance • Easy maintenance - MTTR of 15 minutes • Ultra-high-quality audio signal – enables clear verification of hostile activity. • UV-resistant sheath material • Highest reliability - An average figure of typical time between failure (MTBFs) exceeding 80,000 hours. If installed correctly, sensor performance will not degrade over time, even in extreme heat and cold. • No signal loss in long connected cables

D-GuardSetor - Long Range Linear Shock Detector

This long-range detector enables monitoring of up to 1000 meters, divided into up to 100 sub-zones, and assigning a set of different detection parameters to each sub-zone. The sensor provides high-quality voice authentication stored in digital format and confirms to security staff that alerts are the result of real hacks. Over 300 kilometers of the system is deployed in airports, prisons, power plants, military plants, and sensitive industrial facilities in Israel and around the world.

Electronic Taut Wire

A physical barrier in the form of stretched wires fastened to the sensor poles. The electronic sensors and the control panels system secures and warns of break-in, climbing or cutting attempts. The system was designed and manufactured according to the extensive experience accumulated in projects in Israel and around the world. • Monitoring up to 100 meters per single sensor page • Set individual sensitivity for each sensor • A single stretched wire is deactivated during a malfunction (and not all sector/area) • Minimal maintenance and expected lifespan of over 15 years

D-Guard HFO - hundreds of kilometers protection

optic fiber sensor system connected above or underground. The system detect human activity at a distance of up to 5 meters and vehicle movement up to a distance of up to 20 meters on both sides of the optical fiber, ignoring background noise from the local environment and minimizing false alarms. Ideal for perimeter monitoring of remote facilities, long-distance pipelines, power lines, railways or national borders. • Simple and quick installation • Maximum sensitivity • Precise identification within a few meters • Instant detection of sound and vibration • Unlimited amount of flexible detection zones • High-speed IP network • Simple integration with security management system • Safe in explosive environments • neutralizing areas along the fiber according to the terrain (passage under railway tracks or stream)

D-GuardFon - walls protection system

A system of sensors capable of detecting mechanical vibrations transmitted along the wall when an intruder (or escapee) attempts to climb over or breach the wall. Sensors are deployed along the wall and interconnected to create a cascading array of sensors capable of detecting hostile activity occurring on the wall structure. The system is an integral part of the perimeter wall structure, and provides identification of hostile activity before the intruder succeeds in breaking through or climbing over the wall, and through early detection, reduces the probability of damage as a result of the activity.

D-BAR – Water passages intrusion detection system

Electric and mechanical grid for detecting incursion attempts through water passages. The system installs at the ends of water pipes, drainage channels, dams and more. It is uniquely designed to withstand harsh terrain and highly efficient functionality in a wide range of temperatures, even under water! D-BAR was designed as a massive galvanized steel mesh in order to protect the patent mechanism embedded within it, which contains sensors for intrusion detection. Any attempt to remove, cut or bend part of the grille bars will lead to immediate identification accompanied by a preferred warning of your choice. Does not require any maintenance efforts, and accessible for cleaning by using dedicated side rails that enables lifting the grilles upon request.